Remote Mentored Learning

Remote mentored Learning is a unique approach that sets us apart from all other training providers.  It enables staff to receive training quickly without taking any time away from work.  The sessions are not restricted to a rigid schedule and can therefore, be scheduled around business needs without incurring any travel and accommodation costs.

The delegates themselves benefit from ongoing one-to-one support and tuition, official curriculum digital courseware and virtual labs to ensure the most immersive hands-on learning experience, these are available for study for up to 6 months after attending the course, meaning learning is self-paced and structured to individual learning needs and supports delegates further in preparing for their exam.

Learning no longer needs to happen in a traditional classroom, like all other industries technology has supported its evolution.

Benefits of RML

Remote Mentored Learning at New Horizons has many great benefits if you are unable to train your staff through lack of time or lack of budget, these include:

  • One to one tuition. Meaning your staff gets the experience of a personal mentor right through their training with us.Zero time away from the office meaning a huge reduction in business downtime.
  • Zero travel and accommodation costs. No more costly expenses!
  • A saving of 50% of course costs when compared to our competitors (RRP).
  • 6 months access to revision material and Labs after the training is completed. This means revision and putting new skills into practice couldn’t be easier!
  • RML is recommended by 90% of our students overall.

Our standard timetable for Remote Mentored Learning is from 

09:00 – 12:30 and 13:30 – 17:00, Monday-Friday. 

Slotting delegates within these time-frames would be the best option in order to ensure our instructor’s delivery and availability. 


For more information on RML and how this can benefit you and your business, please get in touch today! You can do this by either emailing us at or heading over to our live chat where one of our team will be happy to give you more information!

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