IT Admin and Help Desk Training Courses UK

New Horizons can help you prepare for an IT Help Desk or IT Admin Career. Help Desk positions are an excellent way to launch a new career in the IT field.

IT Admin roles are changing due to rapid technological evolution. As a result, impeccable IT Management and a business-centric help desk are necessary to meet the needs of the entire organisation. IT support professionals need to be knowledgeable of a lot of different aspects of computing and be capable of working with a wide range computer technologies.

New Horizons as therefore listed out our recommended courses for IT support technicians and help desk professionals.

New Horizons UK offers training that maps to IT Admins become a proficient IT Support Professional.

IT Admin Courses


CompTIA A+ Certification

Upon successful completion of this course, students will learn:

  • Identify the hardware components of personal computers and mobile digital devices.
  • Identify networking and security fundamentals.
  • Install, configure, and troubleshoot display devices.
  • Install and configure peripheral components.
  • Manage system components.
  • Manage data storage.
  • Identify the hardware and software requirements for client environment configurations.
  • Identify network technologies.
  • Install and configure networking capabilities.
  • Support mobile digital devices.
  • Support printers and multifunction devices.
5 day course Normally runs 14:00 to 22:00 GMT Live Online Can be run in person.
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CompTIA Network+ Certification

In this course, you will describe the major networking technologies and systems of modern networks and configure, manage, and troubleshoot modern networks. Students will:

  • Explain the OSI and TCP/IP Models.
  • Explain properties of network traffic.
  • Install and configure switched networks.
  • Configure IP networks.
  • Install and configure routed networks.
  • Configure and monitor ports and protocols.
  • Explain network application and storage issues.
  • Monitor and troubleshoot networks.
  • Explain network attacks and mitigations.
  • Install and configure security devices.
  • Explain authentication and access controls.
  • Deploy and troubleshoot cabling solutions.
  • Implement and troubleshoot wireless technologies.
  • Compare and contrast WAN technologies.
  • Use remote access methods.
  • Identify site policies and best practices.
5 day course Normally runs 14:00 to 22:00 GMT Live Online Can be run in person.
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MD-100T00 Windows 10

After completing this course, learners should be able to:

  • Install and customize Windows 10
  • Configure Updates for Windows.
  • Configure devices and drivers for Windows.
  • Configure storage for Windows.
  • Configure network and remote management settings in Windows.
  • Configure and manage browsers and applications in Windows.
  • Configure account access and authentication.
  • Configure file and folder permissions.
  • Describe methods for securing Windows 10, common threats and methods for mitigating against them.
  • Troubleshoot Windows and application installations.
  • Troubleshoot hardware and driver issues.
  • Troubleshoot file issues and perform recoveries.

5 day course Normally runs 14:00 to 22:00 GMT Live Online Can be run in person.
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Course Starts Location Price
MD-100T00 Windows 10 25-10-2021 London
MD-100T00 Windows 10 15-11-2021 London
MD-100T00 Windows 10 29-11-2021 London

Microsoft 365 Certifications Paths

We have put together all the latest certifications for Microsoft 365, complete with required exams and suggested courses for preparation.

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  Microsoft 365 Certified


  Microsoft 365 Certified

Modern Desktop Administrator

  Microsoft 365 Certified

Messaging Administrator Associate

  Microsoft 365 Certified

Security Administrator Associate

  Microsoft 365 Certified

Developer Associate

  Microsoft 365 Certified

Teams Administrator Associate

  Microsoft 365 Certified

Teams Support Engineer Associate

    Microsoft 365 Certified

Enterprise Administrator Expert