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Today being security-aware is not something required only of IT and Cybersecurity Professionals. It is the responsibility of everything in an organisation to have at minimum a foundation understanding of security issues and vulnerabilities.

By understanding how attacks are happening, you can better prepare and see how you can prevent them from happening to you.

With New Horizons, our courses and certification are essential in preparing you for the cybersecurity workforce that exists today and in the future. Our portfolio of courses is designed to provide security training no matter your level of experience or requisite need.

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New Horizons provides information security courses and certifications from leaders in the cybersecurity space, such as Cisco, CompTIA, (ISC)², and EC-Council. These organisations are committed to setting strict security standards that any organisation can implement. Earning certifications from these vendor-neutral organisations is an ideal way for an organisation to prove that their security professionals have the skills, knowledge, and commitment to protect a company’s most valuable data assets.

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Cyber Attack Trends Cyber Attack Trends: 2019 Mid-Year Report:
To provide organizations with the best level of protection, security experts should be attuned to the ever-changing landscape and the latest threats and attack methods.
3 Cyber Trends that are stil relevant in 2019 3 Cyber Trends that are stil relevant in 2019:
As new threats emerge from the changing landscape, three cyber threats from 2018 are still relevant today
4 Growing Cybersecurity Threats in 2019 4 Growing Cybersecurity Threats in 2019:
No environment is immune to cyber attacks. In fact, new threats are emerging every day. Check out four growing threats to be aware of.
Best Practices to Secure Apps and Data Best Practices to Secure Apps and Data:
Instead of managing only devices, successful organizations take a holistic view of security. Balance the user experience and productivity with security across devices, apps, data, networks and identity.
State of  Cybersecurity  Report 2019 State of Cybersecurity Report 2019:
Free from commercial influence and marketing incentive, this piece of research was intended to illustrate what a sample of security experts considered to be the factors driving the industry forward.
Internet of Things  Tip Card Internet of Things Tip Card :
Without a doubt, the Internet of Things makes our lives easier; but we can only reap these benefits if our Internet-enabled devices are secure and trusted. Here are some tips to increase the security of your Internet-enabled devices.
The IoT Revolution: Uncovering Opportunities, Challenges and the Scale of the Security Threat The IoT Revolution: Uncovering Opportunities, Challenges and the Scale of the Security Threat :
Find out about the kinds of IoT projects being driven by global organisations, their key challenges and perceived threats, along with hard data outlining the frequency and type of attacks they’ve already experienced.
Leveraging the Agility of DevOps Processes to Secure Hybrid Clouds Leveraging the Agility of DevOps Processes to Secure Hybrid Clouds:
Securing cloud infrastructure requires not only understanding what is technically different about today’s data center but also fully embracing and exploiting the benefits of DevOps as a means to codify cybersecurity practices and controls.
Manage risk by protecting apps, data and usage Manage risk by protecting apps, data and usage:
Trusted to address risk management priorities by controlling application and data access across any location, network and device.
Mobile Security Tip Card Mobile Security Tip Card:
Mobile devices — from smart watches to phones and tablets — can be extremely useful and convenient, there are also potential threats users may face with such technology. It’s important to understand how to protect yourself when connecting on the go.
Six Steps to Comprehensive Container Security Six Steps to Comprehensive Container Security:
As with any technology, there are trade-offs. With containers, those costs come via infrastructure complexity which can have serious security consequences if not properly accounted for. To understand these issues, we'll look at how containers accelerate the developer experience.
The Future of Cybersecurity The Future of Cybersecurity:
As AI and Machine Learning start to pick up speed, the future of cybersecurity lies within automation. As the technological landscape continues to change, we’ve reached a point where people and advanced automation can work hand-in-hand.